Architectural Historian | Hobbyist Illustrator
MCx #7403
[email protected]


Terms of Service

  • The Artist maintains the right to decline a commissioner's request.

  • References are recommended to expedite the process.

  • Conversely, a complete lack of references (eg: Freestyling) will require additional costs.

  • Maximum of 3 clients with 1 piece per client.

  • Commissioned pieces are for Personal use only.

  • Pieces may not be used to deliberately infringe upon others' copyrights under the clients' respective legal jurisdictions.

  • The artist maintains the ability to post commissioned pieces on social media within reason.

  • Clients should notify the artist beforehand if they also want to post their commissioned pieces in their socials.

  • A Discretion fee of 5% is charged if the client wishes for non-disclosure of their pieces.

  • Revisions and major changes are acceptable prior to the base color phase.

  • Commissions may be cancelled at any time by the client, but upfront costs are non-refundable.

  • Do note that real-life responsibilites will slow down production of works accordingly.

Payment & Schedule of Fees

  • All payments are charged in USD

  • All payments must be paid through Paypal.

  • 40% upfront payment once the finalized sketch is accepted; work will not progress otherwise.

  • Remaining 60% must be paid before awarding client with the finished piece.

  • If total amount does not exceed $25, payment may be made after the sketch is submitted or before the finished piece is awarded.

Available scope of works

  • Fanart

  • Original Characters (refer to pricing for additional design cost)

  • Conceptual Architectural Sketches

  • Humans Only (minor animal traits such as ears, tails is allowed).

  • More comfortable drawing the Female form, but Male can be negotiated.

  • Special Works not pertaining the above sections can be requested under the express agreement of the Artist.

  • NSFW is negotiable with exceptions.

  • Exceptions to above scope: Yaoi, Abuse, Anthro "Furries", Beastiality, Minors, Guro, Vore, Bodily Fluids, etc.


Portraits / Bust up

Grayscale / Colored Sketches$20

Full Color$30

Additional Characters+$12

Half Body / Thigh Up

Grayscale / Colored Sketches$36

Full Color$50

Additional Characters+$22

Full Body / Specialty Work

Grayscale / Colored Sketches$45

Full Color$68

Additional Characters+$32

Additional Backgrounds, High Detail Pieces, Original Character DesignsStarts from $15